Behind the Scenes Video

We hope you have all seen our new Fall/Winter line!

If you love the line, you’re going to love this behind the scenes video. We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at what went into making the catalog!
We talked to couple of our ambassadors from last season about their experience with the photoshoot.
Ambassador Mackenzie said, “My favorite part about the shoot was to be modeling with so many new friends and getting all made up! Sugar and Bruno truly knows how to make a girl feel amazing. From the makeup artist to the hair stylist, you will feel like a million bucks!” Mackenzie’s favorite  items were the new shadow collection of Harem pants.
Ambassador Berkley said that her favorite part about the photo shoot was the runway that Sugar and Bruno would have at the end of every day. “To answer your question about my favorite part of the photo shoot is very easy, I loved the runway!  The loud music, the excitement, and Steve on the skateboard,” said Berkley. She said she loved the Dance Queen curtain call tank more than she loves Oreo Blizzards!

At the end of every day the girls got to pick out their favorite outfit and strut their stuff down our runway to loud, upbeat music. Steve, VP of Sugar and Bruno, rode on his skateboard with his GoPro to capture all the fun. To sum it all up, the photoshoot was two full weeks of crazy fun! We hope you all enjoy the new line as much as we do!