Under the Spotlight- Tippy Toes!

For today’s blog we are featuring Tippy Toes School of Dance! They are a studio located in Indianapolis, IN who share great love and support for Sugar and Bruno. They were last year’s S&B Dance Camp VIP studio winners and can’t wait to attend camp again this year. We asked them about their favorite S&B Dance Camp memories, life at their own studio, and Valerie Rockey, a Tippy Toes alum, SYTYCD first runner up, and faculty celebrity teacher at this year’s dance camp. Here’s what they had to say!



What draws you to send your students to S&B Dance Camp every year?

This year the draw is certainly Valerie Rockey!  We are so excited to support our hometown girl and SYTYCD first runner up.



What do you think your students enjoy most about Dance Camp?

They love learning combo’s from renowned choreographers from across the country.  They also have so much fun at the party event Saturday night.


In what ways is Dance Camp different from other events or involvements Tippy Toes has experienced?

The class size is smaller. This makes S&B a stand out!


Do you think Dance Camp gives your dancers a valuable experience?

Absolutely!  They grow tremendously.


Last year you were named the VIP studio winners at S&B Dance Camp. What was your favorite part?

The private meet and greet with the faculty.



What opportunities are there for students to grow and flourish at Tippy Toes? As dancers and young girls/boys.

Many of our dancers grow up at Tippy Toes, starting with us when they are just toddlers and dancing several days a week with us through high school graduation.  They grow life skills that will benefit them for many years to come.  The girls learn to work hard at something they love – dance.  They learn to work well with others and become good team players.  They become confident young women.  And they have so much fun developing these life skills through the art of dance.  🙂


What makes you most proud about your studio?

Watching little girls grow up into amazing, confident young women sharing a deep love for the art of dance.


What skills or lessons do you hope your students leave your studio with?

A love and appreciation for the art of dance.  Hard work ethic.  Ability to work well with others.  Confidence. 


What do you find most important as a dance teacher to the students of your school?

Every little girl who signs up for dance class has that little spark of love for dance. Some may believe they can dance, others are a little unsure. But one things for sure – they all start out wanting to dance.  I feel it’s our job as teachers to make that spark grow.  And keep it “glowing ” for as long as there is a way to dance 🙂


As you know, Valerie Rockey will be at Dance Camp again this year as one of our celebrity faculty members. What do you have to say about her progress and her foundation at Tippy Toes?

We are extremely proud of Valerie!  Even with all her success she remains sweet, kind and humble. She is a friend to all young aspiring dancers.  Tippy Toes strives to keep hard work and the love of dance in balance so little girls can grow up happy and healthy – and always dancing!


Are your dancers looking forward to her teaching again this year?

Of course! Valerie brings so much fun and excitement to the classroom. They can’t wait!!!


At S&B, we feel it’s important for dancers to keep dancing, so we greatly enjoy putting on our Dance Camp each year. To wrap up, do you feel that inspiring your students to get involved in opportunities such as Dance Camp is beneficial?

Most definitely.  We are limited to what we can give our students, especially here in the Midwest. Attending an event like S&B Dance Camp , with all the amazing faculty from all over the country , is an AWESOME opportunity.  And it’s right here! In our own backyard !!!! What could be better ?!

Thank you so much to Tippy Toes for sharing their thoughts!

Happy dancing everybody!



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